Short back pedalling during o/u intervals. Would you consider it as failed workout?

Hello people!

Today my Threshold workout was Reinstein - TrainerRoad (3x12-minute over-under intervals alternating between 2 minutes at 95% FTP and 1 minute at 105% FTP with 10-minute active recoveries between intervals).

During the last intervals (2,3), I had to take some backpedalling breaks (around 30 seconds) to complete them:

My questions are:

  • Would you consider it as a “failed” workout, despite being finished?
  • Would you reduce the next o/u PL or would you keep around the same one/retest the workout?

Thanks for your answers!

All out in my book.

Let AT do it’s thing.



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I concur. If you’d quit after the 2nd interval, it might be a fail, but you powered through. That’s what All Out is, in my book-just at the edge of what you can do.
The software will treat you right.


“All out” but don’t feel like you failed. That’s a monster workout and you were in Erg mode. Outside or in standard/resistance mode you might have been able to shift down and keep power up or at worst drop power for a bit but bounce back. As others have said list it as all out but doing that in Erg mode is especially tough. Good workout!


That’s one of those things none of us can answer…the only answer that matters is Trainerroads.

You failed the workout and now need to question your entire commitment to the sport and honestly, your entire self- worth.


(Kidding obviously…like others said, it is All Out and keep rolling. Tough workout)


I like the way you phrased this so much and it makes me think we need more positive comments like this within the app.

I’m sure if I did a workout with Jonathan, he would find a way to say something encouraging/positive, almost regardless of the outcome.

Other than the confetti for increasing a PL, I think TR is missing this side of making the training/using the app a rewarding/fun experience.

If they want to improve consistency, then anything that helps keep user engaged and motivated has to be a good thing.


If I remember right (it’s been a long time), I think Nate or Chad used to say Jon was the biggest trash talker of them all.

You finished the workout so definitely not failed.

There’s a rather large difference between racing head to head and more of a coaching role (the context above). Jonathan seems a strong minded racer, but I’d expect him to be a very motivational support in a coaching role.