Workout Difficulty Ramp Rate When Plan has 2 Different Type of the Same Workout Zone

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I recently completed a build block (Short Power Build High Volume) which contained two Vo2 workouts per week, but each was a different style. That is, one was On-Offs, and the other was Float Sets. Adaptive training seemed to think that both workouts should be a progressive progression level workout.

Because of this, if I completed the first workout, my PL got bumped and then Adaptive Training would revise the subsequent workout to a higher workout level so it was still “progressive”. Then, if I completed the second workout, it would AGAIN revise the next Vo2 workout to still be progressive. To my mind, this seems kind of like the ramp rate of the workout difficulty was almost double what it should be. I could keep up for 2 weeks, but the third week’s Vo2 sessions were mega hard.

Thoughts? I know some will say not to blindly trust what’s prescribed, and I don’t. But this seems like something that needs to be addressed in the software and Adaptive Training algorithm. Similarly, I know there is discussion elsewhere, and even on the podcast, of workout levels not being equal between different workout types within the same zone. Again, this feels like it needs addressing within there software/adaptations.



So rate it Mega Hard in the post-workout survey, and the ramp rate will slow down.

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That’s what I did. But those were in the final week of the build and the damage was done :sweat_smile:

If I’ve felt TR is ramping me too fast, I’ve used ‘Alternates’ and selected an ‘Achievable’ rather than a ‘Productive’ workout, or something in between.

How to use Workout Alternates – TrainerRoad

Yeah that’s what I should have done. I am an avid workout alternates user

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Hey @TheGearedGuitarist :slight_smile:

I took a look at your account and I didn’t really see anything out of the ordinary.

As you were successfully completing your VO2 Max workouts, Adaptive Training was updating your subsequent VO2 Max Workout Levels to keep your training at a Progressive Difficulty Level.

As far as the workout being mega hard, I am assuming you are talking about Freel +4 VO2 Max 7.3 on May 2nd. While this was considered a Productive workout for your current PL on VO2 Max, I see you replied in the Post Workout Survey that you Struggle due to Intensity and Adaptive Training has already adjusted your next VO2 Max workout to a lower Workout Level of 6.4.

It’s also worth considering that this was the last week of your training block, thus potentially making it a bit harder to complete, coupled with extra TSS from your unstructured rides that by no means were “light” :sweat_smile: :muscle:t2:.

However, as everyone has mentioned, Workout Alternates is a great tool to use when you think the day’s workout is a bit more for whatever reason. I see you used it on April 29th for one of your VO2 Max workouts because of poor/interrupted sleep. :slight_smile: