Can consistently picking harder “Alternatives” disrupt Adaptive Training

New to TR. Like many of us, I tend to over achieve. I have consistently picked harder alternate workouts for my first two weeks reasoning “the AI doesn’t know how much I can suffer. I’ll show it!!”

But I worry that while this may help the AI get to know me better early on, continuing this behavior may disrupt the AI’s plan for me and my goals.

Is there a limit to how long I should try to “one up” the assigned workout and just execute to the plan?


From my experience it’ll work it out, no need to think too much. Just be honest with the post workout surveys.


I’ve done it a few times as I think PLs can degrade a bit fast at times. One extreme example is if you’re doing LV, take a recovery week, and the first day back of your plan (previously ramp test) is of a different workout type to what you’d normally have on that day. This can give you multiple weeks outside of a given zone and decay the PL even if you’ve been using it in outdoor rides (workout levels v2, where art thou?)

Anyway, picking a harder alternate and answering the survey appropriately always seems to work and kickstart things back into gear.

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