Workout Creator - Chrome

Wondering if I can use Workout Creator on a Chromebook. I looked through a few threads but didn’t find anything specifically about it. If there’s a previous thread, please advise. Thanks in advance.

Unfortunately no

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chromebook, using chrome remote desktop connection to a PC can work though… i do that when i’m working away from the desk…

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Updating Workout Creator is DEFINITELY on the roadmap and will be usable on far more platforms! Just finishing some higher priority fixes and releases first, but it’s on the way. Stay tuned. :v:


Thanks, Ivy. Cool seeing you on the podcast recently.

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THANKS! Stoked to do more podcasts with the best squad! Love the TR fam.

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A good way around this at the minute is to get a free Training Peaks account, sync it with trainerroad and create your workouts on there. The TR one is obviously better as you can use existing workouts as templates to add on to or tweak, but better than nothing!


Whoa. I have a paid TR account and totally did not think about this. Thanks!