Workout creator only

Does anybody just use workout creator for their training and not follow a prescribed plan?

Because I don’t like the progression of the existing workuouts.

I just want to start with 20 min treshold work and increase it 5 min every week. After reached to 40min just want to shorten rest periods and finally make it solid block.

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I did that for a year but switched to using resistance mode from ERG so just do the free ride workouts

I self coach and “self plan” nowadays.

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For a while, I’d create some custom key workouts that I couldn’t find in the workout library and then had a few stock z2 workouts I’d use on other days. Recently I stopped using ERG for all workouts, so even the z2 workouts weren’t needed, so recently cancelled TR after probably 7 years using it exclusively for training. Not to bash TR just because I’m not using it, but I really like my own plan format (generally around 14hrs a week with 2 or 3 key workouts and z2 otherwise), and I feel like I progress further than I would on a TR plan with doing stuff like 3x50 tempo/ss type workouts. ERG mode/power match was really the last thing really keeping me invested in TR, and since I gave that up I really see little need to keep the account active.

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Me… But I have a coach… She tells me the Wo and I create it on the app…

I use tr Wo when I am told to do a specific type of ride, like today is endurance so I’ll pick one from TR

I’m pretty much like @Joelrivera: I’ll either do the workout as given to me by my coach (although sometimes I modify the warmup), or I’ll pick a workout that matches (e.g. endurance ride).

Yes, I’ve tried SS LV t/wice and each time developed massive fatigue in a month or so. For the last 2 years I’ve spent the Fall and early winter doing mostly Z2 with one VO2 max workout/week. I’ve gotten progressively faster as a result, no small feat for 68 years old.

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