Nero show says TR is not money well spent

Any idea why the Nero show says TR is intervals for beginners? They didn’t really explain why. To be fair Jesse also highlighted TR does have value, but seemed like the value was considered to only be the consistency.

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I can’t speak for them but generally the criticism is “they are fine for low to mid volume plans but high volume is too intense. If you have the time to train 10 hours a week there’s no plan for you.” See the Dylan Johnson video. Or the DJ on Nero episode.

I haven’t paid attention to the details of Masters Plans but I’m assuming it addresses this gap


I just do high volume plans 5 days a week and add z2 around it to get 13 hour weeks, but could do more z2 to get 20+ hour weeks. Works great, not sure why people think you can’t add what you need onto the structured workouts.



Everyone has an opinion.

Always best to take coaches critique of TR with a grain of salt. TR is their competition so of course they will be critical.


He’s a coach and can probably plan a training calendar in his sleep.

Sometimes we can do something by watching some youtube or learning other ways but sometimes paying for some structure isn’t bad. TrainerRoad isn’t just a training plan.


I’ve been watching the Nero show since it started and they’ve become quite negative and obsessed with what is ‘cool’ and offer less and less substance. I guess I don’t really care about what is cool in Australia, but the slamming on people and perfectly good products is getting old.

Francis Cade’s show kind of copied the Nero show format and frankly is a bit more down to earth and less whiney.


F those guys.

Actually I like the pod but I don’t buy most of what they say


People take what they say way too seriously, you should see the comments when they suggest a bike isn’t the bestest bike ever. They’re just shooting the shit, don’t take everything they say to heart.

Edit: just got around to listening to the pod and I reckon Jesse was pretty positive about TR.


Heh those comments in video made me laugh and at the same time a bit sad. The reason for this is that i see their comments are universal for also valid for their own coaching business.

It is not that TR has silver bullets making anyone faster vs other platform or coached sessions. All the information for creating your own trainining plan and related sessions, recovery, nutrion, execution and performance analysis etc are available online and in literature. Some resources are free and some has cost.

Average Joe like me just dont have time to go through everything and/or has capacity or motivation to execute and follow up. So the TR or coached session comes to play. So atleast i am investing money to save my time for actual execution. At the same time it is possible to followup, adjust and why not learn from yourself and results what works for you and what doesnt.


I think their point was that you don’t need to know much about training to be able to come up with a plan that is just as good as TR if not better. But as Jesse also points out to be consistent a lot of people need something else like a training platform to tell them what to do. But yes that also applies to coaches!


They obviously don’t know about most of the features that TR has included when you become a subscriber and they didn’t, haven’t, and probably won’t ever watch the updates that are always coming. I mean, coincidentally - Nate’s update came out yesterday around the same time as that Chris Miller video.
Although I’m not currently using TR I have benefitted, and I see the value in their product.
I think it would be cool to see someone like Jonathan go on the Chris Millar or even Dylan Johnson channel and defend the TR product in an open dialogue.


Who are they? Why do I care? Why post this to the TR forum?


I haven’t watched the video but as a one time TR devotee who has achieved more success on my own, there are many valid criticisms to be made regarding the product. I think the “masters plan” approach is a step in the right direction and I’d encourage most people to adopt that regardless of age, but there remain some philosophical aspects that are very much up for debate


His rationale seemed convoluted and poorly thought out. If that’s the effort he puts on the bulk of advice he hands out, seems like a guy to ignore.


There’s discussion of TR was pretty pointless for anything other than to be a topic that would gain views.

They didn’t really discuss it in any detail to explain why they don’t like TR. Jesse at least gave input that the consistency adds value and the critique of people doing TR workouts outside which is often a challenge.

It didn’t sound like they knew much about TR honestly, but just needed to discuss it as they’d made it a topic for the show. No big deal. The show is entertainment and they (especially Jesse imo) have bad takes all the time. Like when they were saying that Trek is dead because they don’t see a lot of them around and because the world tour team isn’t good. Okay, that is just what they see in their part of the world and that may be accurate. I live in the upper midwest and Trek is huge here. It would be like me having a podcast saying that Trek is by far the most popular bike company in the world because I see tons of them and then they would think I was crazy. Point being, if you like TR and find value, then use it. If not, then don’t. It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks, social media following or not.


I only have started listening to the Nero show recently and like it. I definitely don’t agree with all of their takes but I enjoy the more casual, shoot the breeze format they seem to have.

Their take against TrainerRoad seems to be about how $20/month for essentially plan curation when it is relatively easy to create your own plan with some research if you are somewhat experienced. They seemingly glanced over (or don’t know) the technical solutions the app offers: Adaptive Training, AIFTP detection, plan builder, TrainNow, etc. which where I personally think the real value in TR lies.

I remember listening to this bit while I was on the trainer (an Emonda BTW) and exclaiming aloud.

Trek is obviously big in America and I can understand living in Australia you might not know that. But it would have only taken asking one American cyclist to understand that Trek has standing elsewhere. It was just an odd take.


It wouldn’t be a good investment for them. They already know everything.

(sorry, didn’t mean to reply to yo specifically, Nathan)


They live in Australia and only ride outside. That is not the market which TrainerRoad is targeting. It doesn’t make sense to subscribe to TrainerRoad then.

Personally I am living in Norway. My first ride outside this year was April 9 and my last was October 5. So no outdoor riding for six months due to weather, and the first and last weeks are typically not that good. In that case indoor riding is perfect.

TrainerRoad is about getting faster when you have limited time available. Both for training itself, but also for things like selecting the workouts etc. To me TrainerRoad makes training efficient because I can just open the TrainerRoad app and do the workout because everything is already in my calendar.

You can argue that there are better plans, but it will come with a time investment where you have to spend time planning your workouts.