Workout Creator kJ Estimation (Feature Request)

While the saved workout does give a kJ estimation once published and opened in TR app or online, it would be nice to see a kJ estimator as you are constructing a workout. This would be helpful in planning high workload intervals for outside rides in particular.


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Hey @professore,

Thanks for the suggestion! While we are not planning to make any changes to the current Workout Creator, building a new web-based Workout Creator is on our Development Roadmap. I’ll pass this suggestion onto the team for consideration :+1:.

Thanks again!

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Thanks, it makes much more sense for it to be integrated into the app and the online platform.

Also, dynamic interval alarms / floors would be nice for outside workouts so that after an interval if the lap NP falls below 10-12% of set interval power; the Garmin page tells you to stop and go home.

That’s an interesting suggestion as well. Sadly, I don’t think that this is something in our control though since we simply send Garmin the workouts/instructions and they handle the rest. This would likely be something that needs to be built into Garmin’s API.

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