[DESKTOP VERSION] Is it possible to display calories burned during a workout?

Only been on TR for 4 days. is there a way to display calories burned during the workout as an additional/custom field?

You get KJ if that works for you.

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is that a default setting on the desktop version? doesn’t show on mine; although i am using the legacy version for my CT, that may be why. thanks

Hmm, not sure about the legacy version. But on the current version, KJs don’t display by default but there is a little arrow below the numbers display. When you click the arrow additional field show up for things like KJs, avg power, current lap power, etc.


thanks; will double check. running my garmin at same time, seems superfluous, but then again, i am still using a computrainer (going on year 12), damn thing won’t break!

Here’s a pic of mine. My cursor is by the arrow and then the stats appear below the top half of the screen.

This is what mine looks like and I “believe” that I am on the most current version.