Feature Request - Target Power for Outside Workouts

Hi, is there any chance of getting target power added to the workout analysis in the intervals section? it may only be me but, particulalry after outside workouts, i like to look back and see if i’ve hit the numbers and i find that i have to go back and find the original workout and then go back and forth between the two.

i’m probably the only person who cares about this :joy:


I updated your title, since there are Targets listed for TR Inside workouts already. This request is purely for Outside ones, so I wanted that clear in the title, for TR to have in their list correctly.

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Do you use Garmin? If you look at your workout in Connect the power targets are there.

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in the app or on the web page? i can’t see it

Both, in mobile head over to your graphs and look at Power; Grey is target and purple is actual.

Same on web.

Thanks! Im bumping this to the team as a comprehensive request for better visibility for TR data; a filter for outside workouts, HR data analysis, better season comparison views, this current thread’s request of post-ride analysis that includes what the target power was by lap, etc. LOTS of stuff for us to improve upon!


Ace! Thanks Ivy

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