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When modifying an existing workout or creating a new one using Workout Creator, how do you define the Warm Up and Cool Down intervals / durations?

Pretty sure they are set, but you can adjust them at start/end of ride as needed by selecting the extend feature at bottom of screen.

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If you click on the warm-up/cool-down interval, you will be given the option to adjust the Start/End time and the duration :slight_smile:


Thanks, but what if you have several intervals that are grouped as the warm up or cool down? For example, my typical warmup is three minutes each at 55%, 60%, 65,%, 70%, and 75%. Similarly cooldown is five minutes stepping down from 75-45%.

My real question comes from modifying Pettit +1 to eliminate the power drop off immediately after the two sprints. When I rode it yesterday, TR thought the entire ride up until the first sprint was the warm up. Likewise, the entire rest of ride after the last sprint was cool down. Does it have anything to do with the percentage that rest intervals are set at?

In the screenshot that @Bryce shared, see the box labeled “REST LEVEL”? What % of FTP do you have that set to? Also, where in TR are you seeing warm up / cool down? I build most of my workouts in Workout Creator, and I’ve never seen any part of the ride labeled as either warmup or cool down.

Nate covers the basics of “Rest Level” and pre-defined intervals here in this video. This link will take you to the timestamp where he starts talking about this topic:

Does that clear things up?

Snippets within Workout Creator is a powerful tool for creating custom warmups. I have about a dozen that I use for warmups, cool downs, and elsewhere when customizing workouts. Below is a screenshot of 3 cadence-based warmups (15, 30 and 60 seconds) as well as a 6min warmup of 40, 45 and 50% FTP.

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Thanks. I think it has to do with the rest level setting.

Reusing this thread for a new Workout Creator question: How can you designate intervals to use slope or resistance mode instead of erg?

H.A. & A.C. Power Profile Test has the following text:

IMPORTANT: The test intervals will automatically switch from ERG mode to SLOPE or LEVEL mode if you are on an electronic trainer.

I’m interested in this as I often modify the TR workouts to have longer warm ups and increased intensity during recoveries (usually 65-70%) so I don’t get cold between work intervals. However, sometimes if I’m struggling I’ll manually shift to standard mode or bump down the erg difficulty for an easier recovery interval so I can nail the work intervals (see today’s workout for example).

I’d like to experiment with making the recovery intervals automatically go to standard or resistance mode then I just need to shift gears to recover at the power I want. (Yes, I could do the whole workout in standard or resistance mode but I still have a long way to go to get there - total first world problem.) Thanks in advance!!

Simple, but unfortunate, answer is you can’t. In workout creator you can only set the % of FTP for an interval. Then when running the TR program, you determine what mode - ERG, resistance, etc. - your smart trainer executes the workout in.

I’ve asked for this feature in the past, and it, along with a bunch of other workout creator requests, died by the waste side of workout creator not being updated in a really long time. The good news is it sounds like a new workout creator is on its way, driven by the depth of Adobe Air, but the feature set is unknown.

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Got it, thanks.

My workaround is to create some custom text that reminds me to toggle the trainer mode from ERG to resistance mode. Typically i have these in some custom workouts for testing purposes (max 1min, 5min, etc.)
So after the warm up during a section of recovery pedalling i have a reminder text pop up that tells me to change and find gearing.

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