Moving Interval Segment in Workout Creator and Switching from ERG to Non-ERG within workout

I’ve been off of TR for over a year…just got back into it and seem to have lost most of my cool workout creator skills. :slight_smile: Two questions. First, if I recall, you can’t create a non-ERG (resistance or standard) segment in workout creator, only ERG. However, I think you can copy the 20 or 2x8 minute TR FTP test workouts, and reuse the test and non-test segments. That will switch between the modes, so, for instance, you can do a true all out sprint interval, not in ERG. Second, why I can’t figure this out is beyond me. I keep expecting the workout creator to act like most every other software graphics program…click, drag, move. How do you move an interval segment in the creator? Is there some trick? I tried taking one of the canned snippets and inserting it in between two interval segments, and that doesn’t work either…gotta figure this out, because if I can, then I can create a cool sprint workout that switches off ERG during the sprints, then goes back to ERG for recovery, endurance, cool down, etc.

Glad to have you back!
Ahem, the Workout Creator isn’t our favorite piece of software we currently have… it was built with Adobe Air a long time ago and we have yet to update it since we’ve been focused on other new features. So I’m sorry it’s not very intuitive. :cry:

I’ve previously used the 20 Min and 8 Min tests to create mode changes for testing purposes, but it’s really easy to mess up if you adjust the test intervals at all or try to add new ones. Since you’re using the WC this means you have a desktop/laptop computer, so here’s what I’d recommend doing instead, since it’s a little easier:

Create your workout in the Workout Creator as normal, but then use the “M” key on the PC app to switch between modes on the fly. Or just start the workout in resistance or standard mode and do your all-out sprints when you want and work to hold the power targets during the other times. I hope this helps!

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I wonder if making a snippet of the test section would work, and allow easier drop and manipulation?

Just a guess and another way to try making them.

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Any plans to update the Workout Creator? Just a couple very simple additions of functionality would make it tenfold more usable.


What would be brilliant and work as well.

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You can open one of the existing test and try making one, to see if the mode switch comes along for the ride.

The last time I tried this it did not work unfortunately. Perhaps because I tried to change the length of the interval to a length other than 8min? WC could also certainly use a bit more functionality when it comes to copying and pasting :frowning:

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Yeaaahhhh, like I said, it’s not up to nearly the same level as our other product offerings but I have good news! We’re planning on revamping the Workout Creator and bringing it into the website opposed to being another app to download. We’re currently focused on a bit more work around the Calendar and some other exciting app and feature updates that we hope the majority of our users will benefit from, though we haven’t forgotten about those of you who use the Workout Creator! Hang tight! :smile:


Fantastic! Thanks for the update.

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Soooo…first time using WOC…I was attempting to build a 2-hour 30 interval workout…took me about 15 minutes to make one 3-interval block. I’m going to call it a day, at least until it’s as good as the Calendar functionality. Using the Workout Creator shouldn’t be a workout.

I feel your pain. One thing that I do that speeds things up is if you have any sort of repeating interval structures, you can copy all of those and duplicate the whole set of them in one action. For instance, if you have a 3x3(6) VO2max interval set – 3m of VO2max, 3m of recovery, 3 times, followed by 6m as set recovery, then you can use your keyboard commands fo copy all 6 segments of the interval set, and press duplicate. Then just do this again, and you have your entire 3:3x3(6) workout set.

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No wonder Coach Chad is so grumpy if he had to use the WOC to make almost 2,000 workouts!

Great news. I would really value this - especially as I have just binned Zwift so have more time to tinker!!

You should take a look at that someone set up to build zwift workouts quick and easy. It’s reduced and kept simple but amazingly effective.

Any update on this? The current workout creator is a pain to use.

Based on prior comments, I expect this won’t be done anytime soon. They seem to have most resources set on some other new features. Right now. So I wouldn’t expect to see a Workout Creator update until after that.

How about now?

The Workout Creator revamp is still on the roadmap, but it has been pushed back by other features we’ve been working on such as Outside Workouts, Group Workouts, and the top-to-bottom application revamps for mobile and desktop.

So, unfortunately, the updated web-based Workout Creator is still a ways out :confused:.

Ah that’s a pity. Thanks for the update.

any update on the application revamps…how far off are we…months…weeks…hopefully days??? :slight_smile: