Workout changes when switching from Inside to Outside

For certain workouts, the workout changes when I choose the option for outside. Two examples:

Wolfjaw +2 changes to Forbidden Peak when clicking the Outside option.
Gendarm +11 also changes to Forbidden Peak.

Any others experiencing this?

Here’s a reply from a different thread about outdoor/indoor equivalency.


Also worth considering that there will be a few workouts which aren’t practical/achievable on an outdoor ride.

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Thanks for the responses. This makes sense and is what I originally assumed was the case.

It’s odd that some variations of an original workout convert exactly to outside workouts but others do not (Wolfjaw +2 converts to Forbidden Peak but Wolfjaw +3 stays the same).

To have an outdoor equivalent they have to be built individually by a TR employee. So to save time for now they linked many indoor workouts to the same outdoor workout that they felt was close. I believe they are working on making more exact conversions but especially if the workout is not included in a training plan then it may not be the same.

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