Working out with sore muscles

Last friday I re-started a functional strength training program I had left off a few months back. I went a bit too hard and ended up with sore lower body muscles, particularly inner things and glutes. 2 days later (still sore) I resumed my TR plan and did Thor-3 (-1 was the prescribed workout) and was able to finish fine. Two hours later I can say the soreness is the same or maybe even a bit improved.
What’s the general consensus regarding working out while sore from a different activity ? Does it make it worse ? Does it make me more prone to injury ? Should I be doing It ?

It makes it better, much better for me but we are individual.

Any pain stop straight away, soreness or discomfort normally disappears after a warm up in my experience. Not seen any science on it though (not looked mind you.)

There’s a TON of science on it widely available. Start here.

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If it’s just muscle soreness, and is not an injury, it’s actually good for you to train through it.

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