Muscle stiffness

I did lunges on Friday and four mile run, legs stiffened up alot on Saturday, still sore today. Suppose to run four miles today. Do i stretch, roll out the soreness what i can and do a slow four miles? Or do i wait for the next training day which is Tuesday? Gym opens tomorrow at five which is too late, rest of the week is 24 hours. Just wanted opinions and thoughts. Thanks

IMO, as a high mileage runner, some days you just feel like rubbish. For me, I have almost always felt better when I go for a run anyways. Typically I start a bit slower as I tend to be tight/stiff, but I generally am able to open up more as I get into the run and feel better. Doing something rather than nothing (for me) has almost always helped stimulate recovery more.


I think you should keep working out through the DOMS which were probably generated by the lunges rather than the run. You might want to focus on less intense endurance runs after weight training. Eventually, you won’t get hit so hard by DOMS.


I had great success using powerdot when my muscles feel stiff rather than sore.

It’s somewhat expensive but really helped me with my neck pain and now cycling/lifting related injuries.

Ended up going, starting with the first two miles slow, speeding up towards the end and added a mile, ended up five mile run, yoga, stretches and a little strength. Going to do some foam roller, right glute a little sore still. Tomorrow is the scheduled day off, see how things go Tuesday for next run. Eventually would like to do Thursday and Saturday back on the bike once the right shoulder gets stronger. Did something last September which is why running is main exercise.

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