Over/under always make my legs stiff and muscle sore on the following day

Hi All, I am on Sustain power build high volume I always experience muscle soreness after I do over under workout such as fang mountain +3, Avalance spire +3.

I don’t feel muscle soreness if I do vo2 or sweet spot workout such as Wilhelm+5, Mills +3, Hunter or Wright Peak -2.

Is this muscle soreness normal or expected after over under interval?
How do I reduce this soreness? Should I reduce the intensity over under, is massage or use foam roller going to help? Is putting ice pack on the muscle will help to reduce the muscle sore?

Any feedback, thoughts or suggestions. Will be appreciated.


Yeah so does everyone else, over-under’s are hard and soreness should be expected.


Foam rolling is a good start - not magic, but it does work.


Over/unders train lactate clearing at high levels of effort, i.e. 95%, which means it’ll be slow going and it’ll burn.

Fuel your workout, give yourself adequate cool down, and take protein immediately after your ride.


I started with TR in December and did some 80 workouts since then and only failed two workouts so far, both over/unders (damn you Mary Austin :tired_face:)… point being there are among the toughest workouts out there. So congratulate yourself for getting through them and enjoy the gains you made… because over/unders are also among the most effective workouts out there.


Embrace it my friend. I have come to love the “soreness”, as for me it is an indication that I am growing.

I typically add Lazy Mountain -2 (18 TSS) after such a training just to help my muscles loosen up. Then, I take a really hot shower and direct the shower head on my muscles and try to loosen them up a bit.

I train in the afternoon (16:00-ish), so I typically try to keep my feet up high on the couch or something and just lay back and let restoration do its thing. When I have a rest day after, I try to use my legs as little as possible. I only move within the house or within the office.

For me, I recover relatively quickly. But I don’t feel like I could do two days over-unders in a row. But I can manage to do zone 2 training the day after.


Good to know that this is normal :+1:

What exactly does that provide me with after over-unders?

Thanks for all the input guys.

Yes zone 2 is just manageable but if i follow the TR recommended workout which is usually the oreder is over under and folow the next day with sweet spot. It is too hard for me to complete the sweet spot. i had to swap it with the easiest workout on that week.

Think it might be an actual thing as I started doing these after reading your ‘one year post’ as well and I am also feeling better in the mornings :love_you_gesture:

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Yes, I can understand. I have also had that happen to me occasionally. But for me, I somehow manage to push me through. I’m in Sustained Power Build (week 6), and I have my hard over-unders on Saturday and my sweet spot on Sunday. I somehow feel that if I can finish the Saturday over-unders, I must be able to push myself through “it’s only sweet spot” on Sundays. Sometimes, I take a small break halfway and take some carbs in-between, if I feel like it. At the end of sweet spot, I’m really happe there’s a restday.

Well done to be able to push through :muscle: :+1:.
I am able to do it on first week but on second week i am not able to finish the last interval of wright peak.
i am on third week now and going to swap to easy workout zone 2 rather than sweet spot.