Working at TrainerRoad?

Hypothetically, if TrainerRoad had job openings, where would they be posted? Asking for a friend :grin:


Last time they had openings, @Nate mentioned it on the podcast!

Can someone let me know when they need to hire some in-house lawyers? :grin:

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We’ll be hiring React devs very soon. I suspect we’ll have the job posting up in 30ish days (we need to change our tests before we hire). If you have React and React Native experience AND you’re smart AND you’re a cyclist then you’re almost certainly on the very short list.


@Nate what if I’m not smart, have no React experience, BUT I’m a cyclist and TR user? is there a list for such a person


That’s nice !

Out of curiosity, do you have some ‘data scientists’ (or how we used to call them - statisticians) ?

I’m at least 2.5 of those things, but your list is missing a 4th item - someone currently looking for another / a job. :wink:

I think you’re currently on that list (i.e. TR forum :rofl:)

I don’t suppose TR has a need for cyber security experts with experience securing critical infrastructure. :smiley:

When you need a data scientist let me know!!

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I as thinking more along the lines of lab rat who can run quality control on @chad latest workouts and ensure the training programs deliver results…but I could always do that for free

Forgot free, TR has thousands of people who pay to do that!


:joy: :joy: :joy:

+1 to that


Nate & Chad discussing the latest power meter technology? :rofl::rofl::rofl:


How about remote UX Work? (I think I saw a post a while back)?
Happy to travel to but based in Ottawa, Canada.


If you’re not smart…then no :smiley:.

We’re working on building those skills internally and working with third parties. No true data scientists on the payroll yet.

All of our designers are remote. We’re good on design staffing at the moment. We’ve pulled back from hiring in Canada because of tax implications for both the company and the employee.

@Nate I’ll just go back to SSB then sweat_smile:

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Oh man, I tick all of those boxes (not sure about the smart thing :D)

Shame I live in the UK though :-1:

@Nate would you support remote workers in europe or local employment only?