We're Hiring - (Remote) Software Engineer Jobs at TrainerRoad (React/RN and C# Backend/Azure)

We’re hiring four engineers:

5x React/RN Engineers (C#, Backend Web, Azure)

1x C# Web Backend (React, RN, TypeScript, Mobx)

If you have any questions let me know!


If only you needed a story teller/multimedia person!

Loved the job description. Used the same “we’re a team, not a family” description to someone at my firm yesterday!


I love the first two paragraphs…damn people who leave their dirty dishes in the sink for someone else to do!


As a Scrum Master I appreciate the skill set you are looking for. I think you nailed the job advertisement.


Let me know if you even need a Database Engineer :slight_smile: will work for FTP points!


I’m not a programmer but damn that is one of the most thorough job adverts I’ve ever seen. I wish companies in my field would put that effort into their postings! I’m sick of adverts that barely even say what the company does!


If i didnt already have a job i love id be all over this, living in Australia might be a slight issue though :shushing_face:

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i’ll quit my job… but Argentina is not part of US… yet…

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I would also be interested in this position if it’s still available.
I have previous experience in software development.

Alexandra from Clarvision ERP

I’d apply if I’d live in 'murica… Let us know when you plan a Canadian expansion. :wink:

By the way: Dishwasher rocks! (Yeah, I know, people still leave dirty dishes in the sink…)

As a masters degree mechanical engineer with pretty solid amount of coding experience (more coding experience than any other mechanical engineer I’ve ever met, took a couple computer science classes in college, did coding competition in high school, started learning C++ in sixth grade, program some C based embedded firmware in my job as a secondary task, do some minor software changes at work in C#). Would I stand any chance? The refactoring challenge does not look too difficult to me. Is worth the time for me to try it, or would it be too much of a long shot?

I don’t know! If you want to work with us then I’d give it a try!

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There’s really, really, really no chance you’d hire devs from abroad is there?

The time zone difference has been an issue. It makes it hard to communicate.

That is true, friends that work for gitlab remote in the UK have to adhere to very strict comms. Thanks for getting back to me :slight_smile:

Hey @Nate_Pearson

The job description mentioned looking for people in the USA or willing to relocate to Reno.
What’s your attitude around visa sponsorship? Is it worth applying for if we are outside of the US but willing to relocate?


We have no experience with visa sponsorship. I don’t know much about it and I have no opinion on it because of my lack of understanding.

Based on your comment in the latest podcast that you’ll always be recruiting React developers I’m taking a punt that visa sponsorship is something you’d consider for exceptional candidates?

I’m a Software engineer living / working in the UK. Planning to focus on this as my ‘A’ job application later next year if you do.