API access possible?


I was wondering if there are API’s for the TR forum, as well as for the backend system? I have a few ideas on creating supplemental software and microservices, but need access to TR data to make those ideas come true.

Would it be possible to get this access, and if yes, how?

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Hmm… accessing TR data is probably best done via this avenue LOL:


Haha thanks Ivy!! :pray:

I heard about this position while listening to the podcast earlier today and actually got really interested! Not sure if I meet the formal requirements but I might give it a go! :smiley: I absolutely love what I hear about your company culture but up until now it’s been impossible for us over seas people to apply. And the today I heard about this! Could it be one of those rare times when the stars align?? :grin:

However, doing side stuff could also be an alternative way of showing skills and market one self right?? :wink:

Have a great weekend!!


Not sure if the api is enabled or public, but the forum runs Discourse. API docs are https://docs.discourse.org/

If you want to access the TR userdata, like calendars or whatever, the website appears to use a lot of json to query and make modifications. Not public docs, though. See TR API for calendar access to maybe get started.


Btw, I did apply… :wink:

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