Work physical stress questions

Due to my work schedule, I have to do my workouts after work( 4am wakeup). The problem is that after 10-12 hours on my feet on concrete(I’m a maintenance mechanic at an Amazon facility) I am completely exhausted and I have a hard time finding motivation to train. I want to get back to where I was before but I’m finding it difficult. Does anyone have any suggestions? I’ve been at this job for 1.5 years now and even my real riding has fallen off majorly since starting.

I also work 12 hour shifts starting early, luckily my commute is short, I try not to even sit down when I get home, down a huel drink, and have all my kit ready to go. It’s a struggle on days with 90 mins sessions, but will be worth it when the nicer weather returns. Entering events for summer helps keep me motivated.


I’m sure many have been there before, and having to forcing yourself to ride/train doesn’t sound like fun. You need to find your “fun” and just do that rather than try get to where you were. You might find that having fun, the stress reduces and you could end up doing more. Good luck finding that fun bit.

The mistake I made in 2012-2013 was to let work be the reason for not riding. I was doing 10-12 hours per day, and every second Saturday, so not a lot of time to train. Add a second daughter in Q3 of 2013, and cycling was virtually non-existent (1900km for the year).

A club mate become a Dad last year. I told him to try ride once a week (even if it’s with the shorter group, and not worry about trying to train for anything. He’s enjoying his once a week ride, and often goes to exhaustion with the longer/faster group.