Cry Like a Little B**** Here-My Schedule BLOWS!

Motivation is shot right now. I have goals. I have been doing this for decades (both work and riding). But, this fall my “schedule” radically changed from being predictable to a very stochastic one. There is no normal work day, week or month. One day I start in mid morning and 24-36 hours later I’m starting at midnight and vice versa. Some weeks I’m traveling 6 days a week some weeks maybe just one or two. Somedays are super long some short. Racking up the hotel points and miles. Just part of the new bottom line (pick up a penny walk over a dime) corporate mentality.

Just got back from a trip where I left at 12:30 am local Tuesday and returned 12:30 am Wednesday. In bed by about 2 am. Wife up for work (so I’m up too) at 5:30am. Train I think not. Maybe tomorrow. Another day wasted due to lack of sleep.

Waaaaaaaa! Crying like a little *****. Post up your excuse riddled sob story of why you’re not a superhero. :wink::boom:


Hadn’t heard that one before but I like it.
Sorry to hear your schedule has become erratic. Did you have a conversation with management about it?

You may find some solace here:

Not to diminish your sitch, cuz it’s all relative, but putting things into not-a-superhero perspective…you’ve got a bad schedule…I’ve got a bad heart. Wanna trade? Please? :wink:

Hang in there, Landis, you’ll figure out something. :+1:


I’m just a cog in the machine. It’s complicated and didn’t want to go down that path here. Just wanted to read some similar stories to feel better about my situation…

Thanks Donut! I’ve read part of that thread. Was looking more schedule related only.

Sorry about your ticker. I may be joining you if I don’t get some normal sleep!

Sleep is a biggie, for sure, especially for us less young dudes.

My off the cuff training suggestion is the Enthusiast Time Crunched 30 plan/workouts.


I lost YEARS of training and competing to active duty service. I’ll never know how good I could’ve been in my youth because I deployed frequently and crammed races in between work obligations. My last tri was a 70.3 where I crammed training in on a lifecycle on a ship, didn’t run outside for six weeks and didn’t swim at all for that same time. Story of my life.

Hell my work and two kids now is why I’m here just racing bikes now. I can’t imagine training for three sports right now!

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I know it’s difficult, especially considering you’ve put in a lot of work to get to this point fitness-wise. To see it compromised is a huge blow. However, step back and realize it may be one year of your entire life—hopefully. Trying to be optimistic here. Next year at this time you might be authoring a thread with sentiments that are exactly the opposite of your current situation.

For what it’s worth, I’ve ridden twice (90 min total) in the last 4 weeks. And have likely pissed away most of my hard earned fitness from this season. I couldn’t get out of bed this morning and skipped a planned early AM workout. I’m totally lacking motivation to get on the 5 am workout routine. On top of that, I have surgery in a month and will not be able to ride for at least a few weeks after. I’m not expecting a very fruitful 2020 season race/performance wise. My plans for 8 weeks of strength training and a good base build have been incinerated. It isn’t happening.

My perspective going into 2020 is that I want to ride to enjoy riding, not to chase some w/kg metric or FTP number. More long slow distance rides, just soaking up the sights and sounds—enjoying the ride. Some life things happened late this season that forced me to abandon my 2019 cyclocross season. It’s too early to say, but in 2020 I probably won’t be as fit as I was this year, but that’s ok, there’s more to riding than being at the absolute peak of personal fitness. Although, it sure is fun when you’re firing on all cylinders.


Brother, I’m feeling you. My training schedule is complicated mostly by two words…

Ulcerative Colitis.

This happy little auto-immune disorder has shut me down for about a year, with limited relief - despite the $120k annual immuno-suppressant prescription and on/off steroids to reduce inflammation. Really tricky to get on the dang trainer when 50% of my day is spent wondering if I’ll make it to the bathroom on time :roll_eyes: And the stupid anemia that comes with blood loss is pretty lame too.

Add in my 1-hour each way commute to work, and a wife in medical school (which means I’m taking care of the kids), and training goes poof.

I like to remind myself that when I’m doing (insert whatever I do here that’s wasting time), others are training. It gives me the kick in the pants that I need to get in the pain cave.

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This. Its way too easy to get caught up in training, and forget that riding bikes is fun.


Definitely. Your mental proximity to where you are now, both physically and goal-wise, is what’s causing the over-riding angst. I know from personal recent experience. Being sidelined shook me so bad (bye bye 3-year plan!) that I employed the services of a sports psychologist to try and coddle me through the transition. 8 months on and I’m still sad but 0.5% less angry and bitter. :stuck_out_tongue:

If you can’t force your old ways into your new life, you have to find a way to enjoy what you can and do what you are able in your new situation. :+1:

Damn. Ok between you and the Donut I’m not feeling so bad! I wish you guys good health!

Good stuff and this is me except for the 1st time in a long time I am part of a super motivated group. We have a master nat track champ and another national champ on our squad. I’m one of the anchors so I am def putting pressure on myself to fit everything in. I have put off the big miles a couple times now. Back in the gym lifting a ton more so I keep telling myself I’ll be ok. Nothing replaces big miles though. Hoping the years and years in my legs save me. That and I keep telling myself at my age I don’t need the miles anymore. Who knows. I do know that trainer workouts will be my savior. I just can’t stomach long rides right now. So mind numbingly boring…

Man, we’ve all got what we’ve got. No need for sympathy :blush:

Keep pushing the pedals, regardless of what time you do or don’t have. In the end, it’s all about having fun, right?

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argghhhh I’m drowning in work :weary: For some strange reason every year around this time my customers want to hurry up and spend money :man_shrugging: Long days and eyes bleary from reviewing email chains, technical requirements, estimates, clarifying on both sides, and writing it all up. Short workout on Wed, and had to skip yesterday’s workout. No time to be a superhero :man_superhero:

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I’m trying to stay positive about current situation. I can manage 5-8 hours of training per week with my life. When I think back to when I had much fewer obligations (read: almost none except for job) I “wasted” all my riding time. I wish TR was around back then. That said, I’m pretty sure it’s my challenging schedule that keeps me motivated to train as much and as effectively as possible. To the OP, I hope your situation improves!

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These are the posts that make me go “what’s my excuse”
Sorry to hear about your schedule man. It sucks…

This is easier said than done but I’m at a point in my life where I can comfortably say that my riding is absolutely more priority than money. I would seek a job with better schedule even if it’s less pay at this point.

My current company pays 10-15% less than other companies. But I’m extremely lucky to work from home every day of the week. The extra 10-15% I’m able to make up from freelance work anyway. Since I don’t lose 2-3 hours commuting every day, I can take up some extra work that I do after work hours or some weekends. Lunch break = Riding 1-1.5 hours and eating while I’m back to my desk for work :slight_smile:

Best of luck! I hope the situation improves and you can structure your training better!

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I agree for the most part. I can’t just change jobs in my field and take my experience with me. When I go to a new company I go back to 1st year pay and probation. I’m 51 and entering the final years of decent money. I have 14 more years until I have to retire at 65. I don’t want to work that long but, with medical cost the way they and the money as good at it is I’d be foolish to leave.

All that aside, I just injured myself doing deadlifts. So upset at myself. Waiting to get scheduled for an MRI…It feels similar to the last time I herniated a couple lumbar discs. Now my scheduling complaints seem insignificant. Always good to get some perspective I guess. It Hurts like hell but, I always come out a little better…cheers.

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Terrible news on the deadlift injury! Get better soon and hope you are able to get some skiing in this year :skier:

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I went yesterday!

Trying to make lemonade from lemons here…If this turns out a ruptured disc my plan is to hitting it in for the summer rather than my usual March/April peak. ToAD, Intelligentsia, Nats. :boom:

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