Lost my mojo - Best way to get back into the training groove?

Work has been crazy for the past 2 weeks, stress level has been through the roof and I’m struggling finding enough energy to train.

Any tips to get back into the flow? Just seem to be fighting fatigue after a day of work when I would normally train.

Any tips to get back to my training groove?

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Would be keen to get some tips as well.

Been been feeling fairly flat the past week.

Work, training, sleep and diet hasn’t changed much. Perhaps its just my body asking for a break?

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As the TR Team have said several times during this pandemic period, why not try something new? Keep the training varied and interesting.

This time of the season I’d usually be beating myself silly with Short Power Build or Rolling Road Race but this year I’m in the middle of Sustained Power Build, heading into Century. I’m learning so much more more about my body, my training and what I’m actually capable of doing.

If you usually do Mid or High volume, why not drop things down to Low Volume? Doing something is better than nothing. Doing the Time Crunched Plans and holding fitness gains could also be an option.

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I was struggling to find the motivation to get back on the trainer consistently and have instead thrown myself into riding outdoors significantly more. I haven’t pushed myself into structured outdoor training and instead have just been doing what I enjoy - riding hard up hills, testing my limits, getting out on some roads that I love, and just overall enjoying being on a bike. I guess it is what I’m craving right now, even if it isn’t making me faster. Maybe there’s something similar you can find - and when you’re feeling up to it, get back to mixing in the indoor rides and more structure?


Small step’s to start. Maybe just commit to 3 x 45min “easy rides” in the first week.

After a few weeks of achieving this add another session or make one of the 3 harder.

You’ll quickly get back in the groove.


If the weather is nice push the scheduled plan off a couple weeks and just ride.

Don’t have any training goals, just nebulous riding ones like “X is my favourite hill” or “I’ve never ridden here” or “so and so is pretty, let’s visit”.

Take a week to enjoy the journey, TrainerRoad, turbos and suffering will still be there afterwards.


I find the monotony of scheduled training leads to a decline in motivation. I truly respect guys who can do this on TR week in and week out for months on end. I can do it for 4 - 5 weeks and then some weeks i’m just not into it. If i tke that week off then i really struggle to get back into it and it ends up being 4 - 5 weeks off and i have to start all over again.

So i signed up with Zwift - Ye Ye I know its a sin - but when i get de-motivated i do a few sessions on Zwift or arrange some group rides - I normally get dropped on these group rides so this is what movivates me to get back on TR and train my ass off again

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Have you tried switching to morning workouts? Even if you’re crunched for time and can only do 30-45 minutes you’re getting on the bike and that can help you deal with everything else mentally.


I’ve been doing low volume. I’ll see what they have on time crunched plans. Honestly over the past two weeks there have been times where I’m lucky that I don’t fall asleep eating dinner.

I might just take a break and transition to outside fun rides for a bit.

Yeah, I might transition to more outdoor fun rides for a bit. For me right now, it’s not really motivation that’s the issue, it’s fatigue. Honestly over the past two weeks there have been times where I’m lucky that I don’t fall asleep eating dinner. I’ve been trying to get more sleep but work and stress seem to be hitting hard.

That’s a good approach. Thanks! Small steps to ramp back up.

Yeah. I might just ride more for fun and give the training a little break.

Group rides are a thing I’m missing. I plan to ride with a buddy this week. I seem to be one of the weird ones who doesn’t like Zwift all that much. I might pick it up over the winter, but indoors, I prefer short and to the point.

Right now it’s less motivation than just plain fatigue. I wind up the day and I"m just done from an energy standpoint.

Ugh… I’m so not a morning person. Maybe I’ll give it a shot.

Have you tried doing a group ride on TR? We have a regular group of lads riding together on Thursdays and Saturdays. It helps we are all CX riders and following the same plan roughly so workouts are compatable for all of us. Also mix these up with outside rides, some road, some off road. Variety is what keeps it fresh.
Alternatively , why not creat an “event” for September like coach Jonathon is doing. The plan may keep you focussed to keep or improve your fitness.

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Take your bike outside and just ride around.

Rediscover what you find fun.

Find something you want to get better at so you can have more fun (e.g. smashing out 1min power hills).

Put your bike back on the trainer — or don’t — and focus on training your fun.

Go from there.


Go on a bender (responsibly). Gorge yourself. Three days minimum, ___ days max. (or whatever complete mental break you need from riding). Get your bike maintenance taken care of, the laundry done, the work nonsense caught up, take the kids on a “long” ride.

Schedule the first 5 rides in both your work and home calendars, including getting the afternoon fuel, fluids and caffeine, you need later in the workday. Day one is 60 minute easy spin. Day two is your preferred FTP test. Day three starts the rest of your base or plan builder plan.

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