WKO and ChatGPT

Messing around in the ChatGPT thread I tried something and WOW!

I haven’t tested this to see if it works but this is what I got in response to this query:

“Write me a function in WKO to show my 5 highest 5 second power efforts in the last 90 days”

Here is an example of a function that you can use in WKO (Workout Kinetics Optimizer) to show your 5 highest 5-second power efforts in the last 90 days:

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Function Highest5SecEfforts()

'Select the data for the last 90 days
DataRange = Last90Days()

'Sort the data by 5-second power
SortedData = Sort(DataRange.PowerData, "FiveSecondMaximum", "Descending")

'Select the top 5 efforts
Top5Efforts = SortedData(1 to 5)

'Display the results in the function window

End Function

You can run this function from the WKO software, it will display the 5 highest 5-second power efforts in the last 90 days. You can also customize the function by changing the time range, for example, if you want to check for highest 5-second power effort on the last 30 days, you can replace the Last90Days() with Last30Days(). And you can customize the number of efforts you want to display by changing the number ‘5’ in Top5Efforts = SortedData(1 to 5) to the number you want.