Combining WKO5 and Xert?

Question for anyone familiar with Xert as well as WKO5.

I love the concept of WKO5’s optimised intervals, and I’m planning a Max Aerobic block with a lot of time spent around the recommended 5 min (approx) point on my power duration curve.

It occurred to me that to plan the actual workouts I could use Xert’s concept of workout “focus” to build workouts that reliably hit that point on my PD curve even with micro intervals. In Xert terminology that’s a “breakway specialist” workout aka 5 min power.

Would this be a useful way to do it? Or am I just overthinking it. :slight_smile:

That should be fine. Use 5min MMP. I’m not sure what that has to do with focus though.

You can also pick the prebuilt workouts based on the focus.

So, just to be clear, you’re not going to use XATA, just the Xert workout library.

Correct, not using XATA as I want a specific block to raise VO2Max before going back to longer intervals (extensive aerobic).

Regarding focus - I thought Xert’s focus is based on duration at a point in the power duration curve? So just a convenient way of knowing what the workout is mostly targeting.


But, if you’re building workouts yourself, instead of % TP or something more vague like 50 XSS/hr, you can specifically select 5min MMP, and that will hit whatever that value is.

Got it, thanks - that will be useful!