WKG for a 60 minute Ventoux KOM in Zwift?

I know for an hour ascent of the Alpe you must do about 3.5, but I don’t know if there is a standard WKG for Ventoux in an hour. Anyone know approximately what it would require?

It would be high. Trying to figure it out: looks like you need about 1530 VAM. Stalking these names on ZwiftPower hasn’t gotten me anywhere in terms of their weights.

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Got it, 5W/kg according to Tim Perkin’s article on ZwiftInsider:

But that was with drafting (he had a small group). Alone, closer to 5.5 I would guess?


You’ll need just over 5Wkg for:
39:59 on Alpe
59:59 on Ven

Ven however depends a little more on pacing, drafting etc. It’s not that steep in the beginning and even has 2 minor descents.
Alpe is pretty similarly steep throughout.


Just managed this. Solo, aethos frame and lightweight wheels. Over 4.5 wkg, but I will need to calculate it exactly. At least I have a solid target lol


It btw takes quite a bit more for the real Ventoux :sweat_smile:.
316W @69kg (~4.6Wkg) gave me a 1:15h.
Not even Wout has a sub 1hr and he won the stage :fearful:


I managed to get a power up in real life once…