Wise to commute during recovery week?

I’m new to training, and I’m coming up on my first recovery week in sweet spot base 1, low volume. I usually commute to work two days a week (about 9 miles each way, so a total of 36 miles per week on a hybrid bike with pannier bags) in addition to the three TR workouts. During the recovery week, should I stop commuting and only do the TR workouts so my TSS doesn’t get too high that week? Should I just commute and not do the TR workouts? I try to keep it easy on the commutes, but I don’t have a good enough sense, yet, for the zones I’m in during the commute.

Would love your insight! Thank you!

Just keep it easy. Dropping the intensity from no intervals should be enough. If it’s not drop the trainer rides.


Since it sounds like you do those commute rides during your non-recovery weeks then I would just keep them in. Maybe be a bit more careful about keeping the intensity low if you are worried about them.

If you don’t normally do them then maybe I wouldn’t add them in.


Awesome. Thank you!

Great, I think that’s what I’ll do. Thank you!

yeah definitely what others said, feel free to commute but keep the intensity low (there’s really no such thing as too slow here but there is such thing as too fast) and pay attention to your body.

It’s like those old cycling interviews from the 80s where the Italian cyclists all had the same idioms and phrases in English, things like “I am feeling up the good sensations” to mean “I am going well in this first Giro week.” I tried to find some of those interviews on youtube but could not.

anyway, by the end of the week, you want to be feeling the good sensations.