Wine with Nate / Business Insights with CEO Pearson

I don’t think you need one unless you plan to IPO somewhere down the line (I hope you don’t). Looks like you’ve done everything right up to this point, so unless things change drastically, I’m a TR user for life. Great product, great team, and amazing podcast.

I started my company right around the same time you quit your job. We’re in completely different industries, but I’m well aware of the struggles of bootstrapping in the modern era, especially when going up against a giant. In your case, it’s a VC funded company. In my case, it’s a 3rd generation family-owned dinosaur that’s been making the same stuff for 70+ years - innovation went out the door decades ago.

I like that TR’s product releases are well thought out and not rushed. The pioneer gets the arrow in his back. I’m really looking forward to “Thing 1”, among others, because I know you guys are taking the time to do things the right way.


I’m betting this is a holdover from when I coached middle school track & field, kids called me “Coach T”. :slight_smile:


were they…fools?
giving you…jibber jabber :grinning:

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Haha, not at all, @Pipipi, it was just easier than saying “Coach Timmerman”.

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Would be very interested in learning how you work with a remote team and project management/coordination strategies. I’ve admired how TR has made such a focused product over the years, and I imagine the relentless focus on “Making us faster cyclists” is a reflection of an internal company focus that strips out the BS.

I’m working on a project with an international team scattered across several countries, and now all working from home in those different places, I know others are in the same boat, so your leading experience here would be great!

As others pointed out, TikTok might be a bit sparing for the detail… So I’d vote for IG if you must, but a blog post or two would be even better!



IG stories pls and make them your highlight stories so they stay up foreveeeeerrrr

One tip for remote work across time zones is to do async stand ups channels in slack. Once someone reads it you can :+1: it. It also allows you to have threaded conversations in the channel.

You now have a history and you can more easily see if someone gets stuck on an issue or is working on the wrong thing. Engineers across the company can also read stuff at their leisure.

This approach also doesn’t pull people out of flow (which I think is the #1 thing for any company).

Here’s an example from the device channel standup.

There’s a lot more, but I think I could do one minute videos on TikTok about this. Blog posts take so much time!


I loved your IG stories this weekend about creating an office culture than enables flow. Enough that I’m bringing them up with my team. +1 on wine with Nate and/or TikTok (+ IG) videos. We can all learn from how you apply the principle of self-improvement not just to training.


I also thought the IG stories were great!

Ah crap, i didnt catch the stories :frowning:

Interesting info here. Maybe someone can share their updated experience?

Also wouldn’t mind to listen some new podcasts