Interview with Nate about TR

Edit to add, I think there is an interesting easter egg in there, combined with a comment from Nate towards the beginning of episode 307 (IIRC) that overlap just enough to be interesting to a certain subset of TR users.


I’ve read it but missed the Easter Egg…

Hint = running

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Lol, oh yes. Sounds like it’s far away though.


I agree this seems really far off since running is extremely variable. I have went to using HR but bring in the fact that some people have low natural HR and I am sure there is the opposite for others. Not to mention changing Terrain.

Convincing runners to buy power a $300 power pod seems like a harder task but I could be wrong.

Thanks for posting. I always like hearing @Nate_Pearson talk about the business side of things. It must be great to be so passionate about work.


The idea of Nate selling TR to a large, purely profit driven group makes my stomach churn. I just saw Nuun was sold off to Nestle which is disappointing.


If running power meter become standardized … I would buy one… But it’s so dependent on manufacturer algorithm that is not worth it…

We need a standard… And people will buy it…

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The more the better! :rofl: Bottom brackets, hub spacing etc…

Current status


There’s an XKCD for anything and everything!