Windows/Laptop TrainerRoad workout search isn't very good (Feature Request)

Or at least not as good as it could be. The browser-based search tool is pretty good but the program itself is not much better than a long list of workout names.

There are a lot of days when, for example, I just want to do a 90 minute sweet spot workout. Unless I can name it I can’t find it using laptop TR software. Gotta shut TR down, pull up a browser, find the workout, launch TR software again, load the workout…if the TR software search tool just matched functionality to the browser search tool that whole process would be a lot simpler.

That way, if I only have 60 minutes and want to do a little VO2max work I don’t have to waste warmup time futzing around with a browser.


One thing I do is to add a couple different length workouts to my calendar day beforehand. That way, depending how my morning is going, I can just select whichever one I have time for when I get onto the trainer and avoid wasting precious workout minutes trying to find a similar, but different length workout to fit the available time.

To add to the above, you can see and access the variants, for any workout that has them, directly from the workout in the app. You can load it right from there and do the altered version with minimal effort. I think that the app will even associate the completed variant with the one scheduled on the calendar.

Note: This is not meant as a “solution” for the OP. I totally agree that search needs to be improved. I expect they are already working on this along with the stated goal of making the workout interface standard across all platforms (including the web). We have discussed various aspects of search and filtering in several threads with the Feature Request tag.

We are working on a complete, top to bottom overhaul of the Desktop app currently, and improving workout search functionality is on our list of improvements :+1:

Thanks so much for sharing your feedback!

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Sounds good! I just want to add, I don’t need to search for 60-90 minutes of a work out. I generally know I want to do a 60, 75, or 90. Just a thought :slight_smile:

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That was exactly our thought as well :wink:

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And the ability to sort by TSS or IF. It’s one thing to select a 60min workout, another thing to wade through all those workouts trying to find exactly what you want.

Thanks for continually improving the app!