FAQ: How to Search for TrainerRoad Workouts

Search Procedure:

  1. Go to https://www.trainerroad.com/cycling/workouts

  2. Filter by selecting the Zones, Duration, Intensity, Intervals and other options.

    • These may be combined, but be careful to not pick too many to start.
    • Too many filters may prematurely limit search results and you may miss your desired workout.
  3. Enter a short text search criteria:

    • I recommend starting with minimal text at first.
    • Incorrectly worded or noted criteria may prematurely limit search results and you may miss your desired workout.
  4. Review the results to see if you get anything close to your goal.

    • Refine your search criteria as needed, once you validate results and common wording in the workout text fields.
  5. Adjust the Sorting method with one of the options, and set ascending or descending.

Example 1:

  • Filter: Threshold
  • Search: 3x8
  • Sort: Name, Descending (Default)

Example 2:

  • Filter: VO2Max
  • Search: 5x5
  • Sort: Name, Descending (Default)

Example 3:

  • Filter: Threshold
  • Search: 2x20
  • Sort: TSS, Ascending

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You might want to edit the title to start with “FAQ” or similar. At first I thought the title was of someone asking a question of how to search the workout library.


I will consider that. I have a couple of similar threads for searching, and may need to make a similar edit to those as well. I can also consider adding all of them into my FAQ post that I need to work on more.

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Or could have an “FAQ” tag. An “FAQ” tag is probably the better way, as there are probably a lot of existing posts that should get the “FAQ” tag.

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Good idea too. I’d need to run that by Bryce and crew, because that is a larger change (would require a tag within each Category, since they are not linked).