Feature Request - Search Workout Text

I’ve generally been picking workouts from the library this last while. It would be very useful if I could type in something like “5” to find all the workouts with that in the description.
At the minute the text search only seems to search the workout names, so I’m forever scrolling through the library looking for what I want.

I know there are other filters, such as zone, IF & duration but the description search I think would be very useful.

Are you searching on the app or the website?

Searching on the website is much better than the other options, right now.
They are working on all of that, but the web is king at the moment.

Always in the app.
Don’t really use the website much at all TBH.

Ok. The app falls short and is not great, unfortunately.

The web is much more useful for searching, if that’s what you really need to do.

Hopefully the full integration mentioned by them will equalize them and make it much better all around.

Yes, definitely use the website for this right now. Coach @chad has even described it in some podcast episodes, and I find it works very well. For example, once I see the format for the text describing intervals is say 3x3-minute… then if I want to search for all workouts with 3-minute intervals, I search for “x3-minute”.

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Yeah that’s pretty much what I wanted to be able to do in the app.

For now I’ll try the website but in the app search would be so much better for me.

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