Will Substituting Non-Cycling Workouts Mess Up Adaptive Training?

Just wondering if there will be a way to import substituted, non-cycling workouts into TrainerRoad to prevent the AI from thinking you’re not putting in the work; changing the plan where it shouldn’t. In the winter I sub cross country skiing for most Wednesday and Sunday rides. While cross training never has the exact same training effect as sport specific training does, spending an hour at Z2 skiing Wednesday, and 4 or more hours at Z2-3 skiing Sunday is certainly training those same energy systems, and should not be ignored by the AI, I’d think. Now that hrTSS is going to be a thing, it seems like there should be a way to do this. In the past I’ve used TrainingPeaks alongside TR for exactly that reason, just to keep an eye on my total TSS. But now that Adaptive Training will be modifying the plan based on work, I can imagine external TSS causing issues.

Non-cycling related activities will not be included with ML. They would like to include other activities in the future but I imagine that’s a few years out.

So, it seems like there would need to be a way to either have the ML ignore that day of the week, rather than count it as a missed workout, or to enter a fake cycling workout? I wonder how much it would throw things off to sync non-cycling activities as cycling. If it is going from hrTSS where there is no power data, that should be reasonable I’d think. TR will just think we’re riding really really slowly,

Ideally, yes! Its something we’re actively working on. :wink:


Great, thanks Ivy. In the mean time, would you say it’s best for folks who regularly replace a workout or two per week with a different endurance sport, to opt out of using Adaptive Training? I guess the thing that is a bit unclear is just how much the blank spaces in the week would throw off the training plan suggestions.

Not at all! Athletes in this situation can definitely still benefit from Adaptive Training. When you skip a workout and substitute it for a different discipline, we’ll adjust later workouts to be more in line with your progressions. Replacing your TR workout with a different endurance activity is not much different than just missing a workout (other than the fact you’re still getting training stimulus - just in a different sport), so activities from a different discipline won’t have any effect on your workout progressions.

We plan to have unstructured outside rides result in progressions, and we’d like to add Adaptive Training techniques to other disciplines one day as well. For now, the system only applies to cycling training.