Is Adaptive Training Useless if I'm adding in rowing workouts?

We recently got a rowing machine, and I am enjoying adding structured rowing workouts to my weekly ride workout schedule. I’m also doing a TR plan, but I know the rowing workouts aren’t showing up on my TR calendar or being considered for AT. So, is AT basically useless in the absence of my manually entering TSS guesses to my TR calendar for my rowing workouts each time? Thanks for your thoughts.

Hey there @Austex1,

Good question!

Adaptive Training is still going to work as expected with your TrainerRoad workouts. You are certainly going to be accruing some extra TSS each week with your rowing workouts, but as of now, AT is going to focus on your on-the-bike performance.

Something to consider here is that we aren’t yet pulling in and considering activities other than cycling and running to be considered by Red Light Green Light, so it’s best to ensure that you’re balancing your week’s training stimulus appropriately.

What does your rowing schedule look like? As of now, it appears that you’re on a pretty standard mid-volume plan, and you’re already getting some yellow days even without the rowing exercises being accounted for. I’d maybe dial back your training on the bike slightly (maybe go down to low volume for now) and try to honor RLGL’s suggestions both on the bike and on the rower.

We’re planning on building RLGL out further to bring in and account for other types of activities which will be a huge asset for cross-training athletes like yourself! For now, though, I’d try to balance your time on the bike and on the rower as best as possible and keep a close eye on your fatigue. It will likely shine through and affect your workout performance on TR and Adaptive Training will adjust things as needed.

Best of luck with your training and don’t be afraid to reach out if you have any other questions along the way! :handshake: