Will sleeping more contribute to faster adaptation?

I’m currently following a low volume plan with 1-2 extra z2 rides throughout the week and usually a Saturday group ride. I sleep between 7-8hours nightly that I track on my Apple Watch with autosleep app.

To my understanding adaptation happens when you sleep, particularly ‘deep sleep’.

On Sundays I usually don’t have much going on, so should I force myself to sleep in to log more hours in bed. And occasionally when I don’t workout during the week days, should I let myself sleep in and sleep 30-45 minutes more?

I tend to stick to a rigid wake up time, yet my bedtime varies.


Not sure you can force yourself to sleep…7-8 hours seems plenty unless you are on v high volume. I’m 54 and sleep about 6-7 hours a night. Can’t do any more than that - I just end up staring at the ceiling. That said I do include a few evening/weekend 20 mins naps which seem to help. If I snooze on the sofa post workout great - if not I don’t worry about it.

If you don’t have to get up, don’t set an alarm and see how long your body wants.