Will adaptive training consider my group ride?

If I alter from my training schedule to go out and do a group ride one evening, will adaptive training analyze the ride and factor it into adaptions?


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Not currently. TR plans to launch PL’s2 which will take account of unstructured outdoors rides but I am not sure when that will be.

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Like everything on TR I wish it was sooner then later, but I understand. Currently starting second phase of low volume base, but on Wednesday and Sunday I add Train Now. My plan is once we get a little warmer in WI I’ll still do my low volume plan inside and then on current days I do Train Now I’ll ride outside to enjoy the weather. I hope to have a gravel bike by then to get sometime on.


What I’ve taken to doing is to try and match the group ride with a workout after the spin. I try to match the efforts/ intensity after analysing the ride. I had my club spins defaulted to “outdoor”, but it was quite hit and miss given the make up of the group was changeable, how hard we go depends on group/ leader etc.