Wife surprised me with a MTB trip

So i was surprised by my wife that she is taking me to mulberry gap from 8/3-8/7…

I have been using TR for over a year now. I live in central Florida.

Im on the down side of SSLV1. Im thinking of using the next two weeks to get my legs ready for some climbing. Any thoughts on what work outs to follow on TR? I know 2 weeks isn’t enough to train but prepare me for whats to come. Any work outs suggestions for long climbing nothing that will destroy me before my week there but to prep me

My current routine is as followed:

Monday TR 1 hr interval

Tuesday 5k run Maybe 1.5 MTB ride

Wednesday TR 1 hr Interval

Thursday 5k run maybe a 25 mile road ride

Friday TR 1.5hr interval

Saturday MTB or Road Ride all day

Sunday rest.