Wide weight swings on high TSS periods

I have this strange pattern of gaining quite a bit of water weight (3-5 lbs) for several days after a hard workout. I know its temporary because 3 - 5 days later (not always), I am at an even lower bench mark after a few days rest. I know it isn’t muscle, because you don’t gain that over night.

I weight 221 lbs, 48 years old, 210 FTP, cycle 3500-5000 km a year. I am just wondering does anyone experience this? Any ideas why?

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Yep! I just figure it is your muscles recovering and takes a couple days to do that.

Yeah I usually experience this on the weekends during the summer months. Saturdays and Sundays are high TSS for me so come Monday morning I weigh several pounds heavier. I then tend to pee a lot over the next two days and I’m usually back where I started by Wednesday morning.

I’ve come to attribute this to a combination of inflammation caused by the recovery process plus a hoarding of water during the hot months in case Monday happened to be yet another hard day on the bike. (I have no idea if there is another bodily mechanism to hold onto water that isn’t inflammation used for recovery)


It’s just weird. Sometimes it will drop quickly. Other times I’ll hold on to it for days and days. Then boom quick drop all of a sudden.