Why TrainerRoad Planbuilder doesn't taper before an A race? [RESOLVED ✅]

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For clarity’s sake, Plan Builder is supposed to taper things down for your A race(s). Plan Builder has logic in place that dynamically tapers plans leading into A event(s).

Looks like your plan got “stuck” and wasn’t adapting to give you a proper taper.

We went ahead and refreshed your plan, and things are looking as they’re supposed to now! :tada:

Feel free to let me know if you have any other questions and good luck with your event coming up!


For info - it also did happen to me some time ago, and 2 other people I know (all 3 were for a full distance tri plan) - the scheduled last week workouts were really way harder than they should in a last week.

Much better. That’s awesome.

Tapering for BWR this week. My workouts were reduced to 30 min but they still seemed too hard so I went to alternates and reduced the intensity and interval length by quite a bit.

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As I’ve seen this from time to time on the forum:
What leads to „stuck“ plans? How do people with less experience know if their plan is stuck and avoid suboptimal training or burning out? Or better: Can’t TR detect and auto-correct stuck plans?


A bug can be at fault when a training plan gets into a bad state. In some cases though a unique adjustment of a training plan can also cause a plan to get “stuck”. When we come across a bug that is preventing a plan from adapting correctly, we dig into it to get it squashed. Once a bug has been squashed any plans affected by that bug will be corrected during their plans’ next adaptation.

If a plan is stuck due to a unique planning adjustment we might have to correct it manually. In both cases though, we keep track of what causes a plan to get into a bad state so that we can help self-correct and future-proof Adaptive Training

In this case, a bug was what was preventing Adaptive Training from adapting these taper weeks correctly. We’re currently working on getting this bug squared away to prevent future issues like this and to fix any affected plans!

When it comes to gauging whether or not your plan is working as it should we recommend keeping an eye on the difficulty levels of the workouts in your training plan. Adaptive Training generally recommends Achievable, Productive, and Stretch workouts, with the occasional Breakthrough workout. Because Adaptive Training treats each athlete as an individual, workout difficulty can vary based on an athlete’s training though. That said, there are a few things to consider if you think something is afoot. If any Not Recommended workouts show up on your plan, you’re only seeing Achievable workouts, or your plan is continuously recommending Breakthrough workouts, this is a sign that your plan may be in a bad state.

During a taper, the duration of your workouts will vary depending on what workouts AT decides are the best match for you. In all taper weeks, you can expect Adaptive Training to reduce the overall volume of your training so that you go into your priority event feeling fresh.


So how is this a taper? Entered in an a A-RACE and B-Race _(USAC XCO and SS the next day) and the “plan” puts a decent amount of volume leading up to the big day but the most curious is a 2-hour 136 TSS Threshold (Strolmo+6) 2 days before and then openers the next day (which i’m going to replace with a preride lap)

Is this right? The week before seems ok but especially 2-days leading up to it seems a bit too much to me?

I had this happen to me a few days ago. It scheduled a 7.8 Threshold 2 days before my A event. Get a hold of support. My plan had entered a ‘bad state’ and they were able to fix it.

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Funny thing was i accepted a 1 watt FTP decrease adaptation It changed the weekend prescribed rides from biggish 1.5-2 hour 100+tss rides to 1hr sub 100 rides as well. For a a race build up does not feel like much of a tapper and the adaptation was from a275 to a 274 FTP adaptation which is not that much… low and behold it dropped to a reasonable taper but cut the time and TSS into more than half the volume.

Support guy was helpful and said that its a bug/anomaly if your racing and particular a A race on a weekday vs weekend. said they were working on it.

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