Why sometimes TR gives you a big workout?

Why sometimes TR gives you a big threshold workout, for example, 6.9 after my recovery week ?
Before my recovery week, I had a 4.2 threshold workout which I had hard time to complete it. Any suggestions?

Have you done it yet. I suspect it might update as you switch over to the next phase. (After your recovery week) and lower the intensity. Pretty sure it’s happened to me a couple of times

  • Contacting support@trainerroad.com is usually the best option for cases like this. They can either detect an error that needs correction or tell you the reason’s behind what is happening. We can only guess with such limited info and could well be entirely wrong.
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As @James_Sanderson mentioned, I would suspect they will adapt at the end of your recovery week. I’ve had that happen to me. Failing that, as @mcneese.chad mentioned, contact support for the “why” would likely be your best bet.

That said, I am finishing up my recovery week with my last ride tomorrow and am currently looking at stretch and breakthrough workouts my first week back under load. I’ll follow up after that workout and let you know what happens with my plan (if anything).

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@orly1313, a quick followup following the last ride of my recovery week earlier today. Post ride and going into a Build block on Monday, my stretch and breakthrough workouts on my calendar adapted down to productive and stretch respectively.