Why nine fluffy bunny workouts in a row

My training plan has me going from September till March with the usual goals of stronger faster and better looking ….lol. I just finished six weeks of Ssb high volume with good compliance ( used workout alternates for two recently due to covid shot tanking me for a few days ) I have used TR for years and love following the structured training with variable success ( oddly the more u put in the more you get out …weird)

So here’s my question. I am going into a recovery week and there will be the usual six workouts that a pretty low intensity. This is expected to allow gains to set in. But the following first three workouts are also really low intensity??? Wouldn’t these normally be resuming pushing me? Why are they what I call fluffy bunny :rabbit: recovery rides?

Add to this concern to I am eligible for Ai ftp detection on Thursday of the full rest week and am concerned that it will not accurately reflect any gains because it is reading information during the aforementioned fluffy bunny week!

Am I being just anal retentive about this or should I just follow the plan and enjoy the down time? I really want to sprinkle in some train now harder rides on top of the ez rides to maximize the ftp evaluation and continue to push myself

Disclaimer.: I am not an elite athlete but finally have determined that high volume is the only thing that gets my full attention. I love the six days of knowing that I will be training and have finally conditioned my wife that in retirement the mornings are mine and after that she can mess with my day in anyway she likes ( I also do an hour and a half in the gym six days a week and yes I know that is keeping me from being my best cyclist but ocd is a secret weapon)

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Hey there,

Our training plans just got reworked, and some athletes who had a plan already applied to their TR Calendar ran into some errors when the updated plans got released.

I just refreshed your plan from our end, and things should be looking better on your TR Calendar now. Let me know if you’d like anything moved around, though, and I’d be happy to do so for you!

As for AI FTP Detection, that feature will look at all of your training history/data and won’t be significantly swayed by a recovery week or a couple of extra easy rides, so don’t worry about that too much. :wink:

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Wow it dramatically changed. This week was supposed to be recovery and now todays workout is pretty intense. Are you certain it all good now? I ask because not only did this week change but also week 47 has five bunny workouts and week 48 the first three workouts are bunnies :rabbit:! ( repeating the initial problem I mentioned )

I think my plan is now completely messed up. I am going to do an hour and a half recovery ride today to give you time to sort this out. Please lmk when the plan resumes being correct with one recovery week in each segment.

Good catch – I went ahead and did some manual editing to your plan to get those points straightened out.

This week will be your previously scheduled recovery week, then you’ll have:

Week 46: “On”

Week 47: “On”

Week 48: Recovery

Week 49: “On”

Week 50: “On”

Followed by your planned time off on your TR Calendar with your Build phase waiting for you upon your return to training.

I think that should be a good layout for Nov/Dec for your plan. Let me know if you’d like any other changes to be made!

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That looks much better and closer to what was the original plan. Thank you for the fast response and good work