Why my legs swollen after a ride?

It always happens. No matter how hard or relaxing the ride is, my lower abdomen and legs go sort of full ballon after a ride. I’m feeling swollen to the point that even my jeans feel tighter for a day. After the 2 days I feel very dehydrated no matter how much water I drink, so at that point I need to take some minerals pills from Solgar and after days of rest my legs are back to normal.
I’m now going to my local park, and while my son is with his little team I spend an hour walking at fast pace and stretch my legs like crazy. That makes my leg sharps and skinny again and I even feel like I could hole down my pants belt too. Also, I feel a lot more energetic compared to a post bike ride.

So, what is going on here ? Not enough hydration during the ride or not enough post ride stretching ?

What are you drinking during your rides? Any electrolytes?

I don’t think I have ever had swollen legs but I have had a swollen abdomen and I would recommend talking to your doctor about that. No amount of stretching/ hydration answered it only the doc eventually.


Doctor for sure. In the mean time maybe compression leggings could help.


Not at all, water only. And I have to be honest a 600ml bottle I don’t even go halfway through that when the weather is chilly.

@Derp I would definitely go see your doctor. Probably nothing major, but deserves an evaluation to rule out some things that can only be assessed by exam and by someone credentialed to do so (MD). Also if you currently have the edema (swelling) present I would get a same day appointment so the doctor can evaluate you while it is present. Also note if workouts have become harder, if you’ve gained any weight, and correlate to when these symptoms started. I have a PhD in cardiovascular physiology.


@Derp you need to take these observations to a qualified physician. As soon as possible.

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It sounds like fluid retention in your legs or oedema. There can be many causes. As above check in with your doctor to rule out some of the more serious reasons.

It’s certainly not something to be expected every time, no matter no easy or short the exercise was. You can expect it with harder or longer durations of exercise, at the extremes. You often see it at the end of ultra endurance events.