Carbs and Weird Legs

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Last week I started to up my carbs on the ride. Two bottles of SIS GO. 72 carbs total. Everything was going well. Today I did a non structured ride about 2 hours 36 Windy Miles.

At 45 min in. My legs kept going, power was fine but I noticed a weird almost numbness and brain fog. Is this from the 5 days a week training and accumulation of glycogen?

I have a structured ride tomorrow with 45 mins in sweet spot. Any suggestions? Similar experiences?

What was your weekly TSS form those 5 days of riding?
Was the numbness more of a ‘dull’ feeling? Isolated in legs?

It was more of a dull feeling.
TSS 468

If anything that’s the feeling I associate with being too low on glycogen, so based on my own experience I’d be inclined to think it’s something else.

One possible cause could be low electrolytes- potassium and magnesium in particular are responsible for nerve and muscle function, so a deficiency there can result in both confusion and numbness/tingling. Magnesium deficiencies are also a relatively common occurrence in endurance athletes- I tend to find my levels get low towards the end of a heavy training block even in my dietary intake is sufficient.

In any case if you feel like your thinking/reactions are in any way impaired I’d seek out a doctor ASAP- that’s not something you want to mess with out on the road.

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Thanks. Yeah. I did some more reading this evening. I am going to try upon the electrolytes. I’ll see how I feel when I do the warm up tomorrow. If still wonky, I will do a lite ride.

Dr was called to chat today. She recommended the same.


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Definitely try magnesium supplements. I just get them in capsule form. For me that solved similar sounding issues with legs almost overnight.

Yep, same here.

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You’re definitely getting the right feedback here: this probably comes down to on-the-bike fueling! When I have a bigger week and I’ve had a particularly hard time staying hydrated, I’ve found it helps to drink electrolytes an hour before the ride so that its processed and in my system before I start. May be worth a shot!

Focusing on off-the-bike nutrition wouldn’t hurt either! Here are our Nutrition archives, lots of good tips for fueling:

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Thank you. Took in electrolytes before bed and again this morning. Fueled the ride again today. Back to normal. Had to drop an interval due to life. But the others were good.


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Nice, glad to hear it was a quick fix!

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