Podcast schedule

I’ve listened to many podcasts while in my car, but I’m actually at home now and can watch a live stream. Is the podcast live-streamed every week? If so, what time and platform? Is it Youtube?

Thanks Forum!

In pre-Covid times, they usually did the live cast at 9am Pacific time, on Thursdays.

But since they are doing remote, it seems they are doing a separate recording and then posting it afterwards. That time and day seems to vary, and I haven’t noticed a consistent release each week. But its likely to be Thursday or Friday.


Thanks for the info @mcneese.chad !

Much appreciated.

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And then I just saw it was live -streamed this morning! Arrrrg

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Yeah, surprised me as well. Unless I missed it, it was not stated ahead of time as being “Live” today. I tend to just grab the Soundcloud file anyway, so I don’t catch the live ones often in any case. Just funny for it to be this way with no pre-notification.