Why FTP Isn’t Everything, Finding a Base Plan, Plyometrics and More – Ask a Cycling Coach 273

Why FTP isn’t always the best measure of your fitness, how to find the right type of base plan for you, why plyometrics may help cyclists get faster and more in Episode 273 of The Ask a Cycling Coach Podcast.

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This is all I can think of now…


Have you guys ever covered the in race nutrition plan for a type 1 diabetic? I have played multiple high intensity sports in which my body will raise my blood glucose levels in response to multiple high sprint intervals even if I had a consistent basal rate of insulin to break down the available glucose. For instance, multiple 45 second sprint intervals in hockey followed by 3 minutes of rest for each. I have even done XC races that have similar patterns. Road racing is very knew to me, any advice for fueling?

I think these Forum threads are a good place to start, but you can always submit specific questions by going to TrainerRoad.com/podcast and selecting ‘Ask a Question’!

Training with Type 1 Diabetes
Training, racing, and nutrition with Type One Diabetes

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@Tucker This is total non-sequitur, but high fives all around to the podcast production team on the YouTube “set up” for the crew. Improved, more consistent lighting on everyone, Insta and Strava names for everyone in the corners, a subtle background behind the four boxes/video feeds…looks really polished. Boom!



Have you thought about the possibility that your ftp decrease could be linked to possible lung infection from covid-19?

I’m very excited to hear that the mobile app is so close to a closed beta. I use it exclusively for my indoor rides since I don’t have a good setup to use my PC. Not to mention, using the phone frees me up to put whatever I want on the TV.

In any case, I’m super pumped to see all the functionality and improvements that have been added to the desktop app this year finally make their way to mobile, most notably calendar view.


Yah. I got a PCR test and an antibody test and I was negative on both.


Great to hear.

Singletrack 6: who else is signing up? (Obviously there is still a bunch of uncertainty) I’m signed up. I only did ST3 when it was in Rossland, and have not ridden Kaslo or Nelson, but I can compare Rossland to Fernie: Fernie is not as steep and has less rocks (but is still awesome). Kimberley is generally not as technical as Fernie. For a six day race, this is a great course.
Gearing - I’m normally around 4.2W/kg in race form and I’ll be running 30/10-52. The Kootenays are steep.

I’m just going to post a thanks to Amber for her insight into mental prep for long races here. Yesterday I did my one and only race of the year - and MTB 8hr- which turned out to be a short, bumpy and twisty course that reignited a neck impingement.

I went in repeating Ambers mantra - there will be dark times yet there will be good times also - which really helped me. After I stopped at 5hrs to try to stretch out my neck to give my one more lap rather than quit, this was still going on in my head and I banged out another three before it became to dangerous to ride.

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Hi guys,

please I think it was in this podcast that Chad mentioned what he likes to “eat” during races - something made of maple syrup, but I forgot, as I was driving while listening :slight_smile: Could you please put a link of that?

Untapped and Maple Shot were mentioned IIRC.


Thanks Chad!

Sorry, I know there are some more dedicated threads, but as it was mentioned here, one question about diet - I am looking to make some gentle-on-stomach natural source of energy for my riding, until now I was doing a mix of banana+coffee+cocoa, which is nice, works like a gel, but thinking about it, the source of carbs here is roughly 1:1 ratio in Glucose-Fructose - as Tim Podlogar highlights, this ratio should be better than typical 2:1 found in a classic gel (And Asker Jeukedrup does not completely disagree).
So if I would like to boost further my gel by adding more carbs into the mix, I suppose the real Maple syrup should be ideal as it is a disaccharide of 1:1 Glu-Fru and therefore much better than honey which is heavier in fructose, right?
With a bit of mineral mix and sodium this looks for me as an ideal source of energy for training, whilst for THAT big long race I think I should go with Maurten gels…

What was the announcement about a new Group Workout function with the calendar again? I can’t remember what it was.


IIRC, the ability to schedule a specific time for it to start (this is true for all new workouts, not just GW’s). Then the option for people to RSVP as planned to join the GW.

Ah yes, a step towards moving away from having to use the Google calendar. Thanks.

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