Why does TrainerRoad talk to the trainer when there's no workout open?

If more then one device has TrainerRoad open and bluetooth enabled, the trainer goes nuts. Two devices are setting the resistance on the bike with conflicting values. But why is TrainerRoad sending resistance values to the trainer when there’s no workout open.

I always do the workouts from my phone, but I often also have the app open on my laptop (which happens to be MacBook Pro). Today I applied an update to the MBP, it rebooted, and apparently re-enabled bluetooth. I few minutes into my workout, things went wonky. I’ve run into this several times now, so I knew how to fix it (but it involves stopping the workout and getting off the bike for several minutes)

I don’t know the protocol for the trainer (my trainer happens to a kickr), but I would think there must be a way to avoid this in no workout is open. It seems to come here in forums in a regular basis. Can this not be fixed?

I can’t give info on the reason, but the current option you have is to open the Devices section and remove that device from the active ones. This may or may not be a good thing if you bounce between devices, but pairing to add it back only takes a moment or two each time.

Otherwise, I suspect TR at least has to maintain the connection, even if there are no actual instructions being sent via workout, in order to allow instant connection should you load a workout. But that is a guess, so the work around is what I know you can do at present to avoid the sharing conflict.

There may be a better/easier fix that doesnt involve you having to stop your workout! Please check in with the team at support@trainerroad.com. They’ll have the best insight and advice based upon the full scope of your devices.