Why ask for Powermatch in Resistance Mode

I use Nero smart rollers for my TR workouts but don’t really rate their Erg mode. So I do all my workouts in resistance mode and then use a combination of changing the resistance in TR and gears to do my intervals.

My question is this: I pair both my Nero and my power meter and I have a sneaking suspicion that the power data I see comes from the trainer. Is it possible to make sure the data comes from my power meter? To my mind, if I turn powermatch off I should be getting the raw power meter data, but I can’t be sure.

Does anybody know how the app chooses the power source to display from in resistance mode?

It essentially chooses the 'best source as it determines. When you have a smart trainer (or rollers) AND a power meter paired in the device settings, TR uses the power meter for all power data, not the trainer.

Open the workout in the app or web, scroll down a bit and you can see the device listed, that was used for the power data.

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