Different Power Source and Target for ERG?

On at least some platforms (e.g., Zwift), you can specify “power meter” (e.g., Garmin pedals) separately from “smart trainer” (e.g., Saris H3), which lets the platform set resistance at the smart trainer based on the output of the power meter.

Is there a way to do this in TrainerRoad? If so, how? I feel like I’m missing something obvious…

And to head off the question, here are some reasons you might want to do this:

  • your power meter (e.g, pedals) is more accurate than your smart trainer
  • your power meter provides more data than your smart trainer (e.g., Garmin’s Cycling Dynamics)
  • sourcing power from a dedicated power meter allows for much smoother resistance transitions (which is the case with my Saris H3)

Powermatch is TRs feature where it reads from your powermeter and feedsback to the trainer only. Its enabled as default unless you change it.

PowerMatch: Using Power Meters with Smart Trainers – TrainerRoad

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That is exactly what I needed/wanted, thanks!!!