Powermatch source power

Hi, new TrainerRoad user. I am using PowerMatch feature. I understand that the smart trainer is adjusting ERG resistance using the power meter relative to power reading of smart trainer. When I upload the workout, it lists my smart trainer as the power source on the workout summary whereas I want the workout recorded with power meter as power source. What settings do I need to change for this?

As far as I understand it, if you pair a power meter other than the smart trainer, power match will be automatically turned on. You just have to make sure yours is paired, check under devices.

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That is right make sure both smart trainer and powermeter are paired. Powermatch will be automatically turned on. Check out the support link

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I think it is worth reporting to support@trainerroad.com so they can review the info, and adjust as needed.

It really should report the power meter in the ride data if that is what was used.

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As I found out recently, TR uses whatever power meter is the last source. So if you have an untimely dropout at the very end or disconnect, etc., the trainer will be listed as the power source. I take this to also include you stop pedaling and your power meter goes to sleep/disconnects before you “end workout” or it is saved. Perhaps this is the case? If not, contact support as Chad states above. They’re both prompt and super helpful!


I’ve had a number of dropouts from my Vector 3 on random workouts, about once per month. If/when the Vector 3 comes back on, it’ll automatically go back to the V3 from the Kickr. So you’re right, it is possible he’s not connected or losing the connection as the default is Auto power match.

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Thanks all, this makes sense, in these workouts my power meter has a drop-out and didn’t come back so the last power source in the workout would have been the smart trainer.