Resistance Mode Question

Sure this has been addressed before, but I can’t seem to find a clear answer: when in resistance mode with a smart trainer + power meter connected, is the power readings and the avg. power readings displayed on the TR app coming from your connected power meter or the trainer?

I assume the readings are coming from the paired power meter, since my impression was that resistance mode just turns your trainer into more or less a dumb trainer, so it would make sense for the reading to come from the paired power meter, but obviously if I did not have the power meter paired, I would instead be seeing power from the trainer, so that prompts the question. Thanks!

If your power meter is not connected as cadence only, it’s coming from your power meter.

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In addition to that, you can open your completed workout in the app or web, scroll down a bit and it will show which device was used for the power data.

If you have a power meter and smart trainer pair, it should be the power meter, but if there are notable power data drop issues from the power meter, TR will resort to using the trainer power data. But in normal use, you should see the power meter listed in that section of the workout.

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Excellent, as suspected, thanks everyone!

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