Who's over 60 y/o and using TR?

I am in the AT beta. It works well for progressive workouts. Other then that aspect I dont think it addresses the items that were in this thread. You still need to assess if you need more recovery. There are still only low volume and midvolume plans. No inbetween plans.

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I’m in the AT beta but I’m currently doing the polarised plans added manually to my calendar so probably not best placed to comment on it. I’ve seen some levels rise but there haven’t been any AT suggestions to different workouts. With good weather here in the UK they are also all being done outdoors so there’s a few bugs regarding that.

I’m currently debating whether to hold off on starting a new plan (it’s sat there in a browser tab waiting for me to hit “add to calendar” and maybe have a month just getting some riding done during the summer before starting again.

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I do find that AT does suggest new workouts…I have been mostly pushing up on VO2 area at the moment so it does give an interesting perspective. I think it is worth messing around with for when you really want it to work.

The part that needs tweaking, in my opinion, is the starting point doesnt always make sense. If you have done lots of riding but no TR workouts you will start at a low PL. It is worth just looking at what it comes up with and adjust accordingly. I think if you are new to TR you will be better off then if you have used it for 3 years and have a better handle on what sort of workouts have challenged you in the past.

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I read comments on the AT thread about people having issues that were fixed by doing a new ramp test. I’m not clear on how that fits in with AT. More specifically, I need to retest (haven’t tested in 6 months but hitting all my TR marks) but prefer the Kolie Moore baseline test outside riding up to 40 mins at and above FTP over the Ramp Test. I’m scheduled to test tomorrow. Do you see any problems using Kolie Moore in lieu of RT?

My understanding is use whatever test you want. You can always manually input the FTP and it will make an adjustment(my understanding) to your progression levels. If you dont agree with how it adjusts your workouts you can just select an alternate workout that is more like the level you expect you should be at. I believe you need to select the alternate through the app…not from the website. Future workouts will adjust accordingly. It may take a few types of workouts to get your plan back in line but the all should be fine.

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@DavidWms how did the test go BTW?

Ray, I had a fail to a dumb mental error. I was having a helluva time hitting 98 - 102+% FTP in the ramp up portion. Then I realized why. During the easy part of warmup (3 min @50%), I had shifted to small ring on front, but didn’t realize I was still in it until I was over 25 minutes into the heart of the ramp portion! Paying too much attention to my bike computer readout, and not enough to my setup. Will retest in a week or so. So it was still a good sweet spot session but not a valid test.

Hopefully my last ramp test, as I start adaptive training, scheduled for the morning. Say prayers for me. Once the watts pop over 275 the pain begins.


I suggest limiting VO2 and Threshold workouts to 2/wk for seniors. For example, for LV Build might be VO2 Max, Swt Spot, and a Threshold Workout.

3/1 wk pattern for recovery weeks still works well for me.

I am 68. And have been using TR since 2015. I use the LV plans. I adapt the TR plans around my other cycling, athletic and life activities. I enjoy adapting the plans myself.

At this stage in life, I just want to hold onto my FTP though I am still seeing some small improvements.

As a matter of interest, I prefer doing TR Workouts on my KK Road Machine even though I have a Tacx Neo 2T Smart Trainer. I find the additional focus to stay on target helps keep me sharp. And I can exceed the target if I feel strong rather than being locked on target in Erg mode.


Great podcast for anyone in 50s, 60s, and beyond!

Highly recommend following the advice in particular the number of intervals. I’ve been following FasCat plans/coaching and getting stronger vs following plans designed for athletes in 20s and 30s and 40s (e.g. TR plans). The average 50-70 year old doesn’t have the recovery capacity of a younger athlete, and you only get faster in recovery.


I am 61. Although I only took up cycling seriously in 2015, I have been a recreational long distance runner for a very long time. I started running when I was 19. I’m naturally driven to find the proper technique of doing whatever I develop a passion for and cycling is no exception. At my age, I have definitely seen improvements in cycling both in terms of endurance and speed. Among the groups I ride with, I’m not the slowest or fastest and my goal has been to be able to ride in the faster groups and have enough “punch” when needed and minimized getting dropped. If you want to ride faster eventually you will find struggling to hang on, but that’s part of the challenge of training for me. Everybody is different when it comes to age. For me, I prefer age to be just a number in my head, because frankly, I’m not feeling weaker. My approach is to keep digging deeper and deeper for as long as you feel you can. You never know how far you can go until you try. I ride with some folks in their early 70’s that will totally amaze you. I don’t know that even if I had the time to train like they do (retired), I would spend it all in the bike though. I would probably try to swim more and even pick up running again.


Anybody here on TR over 80? I’d sure appreciate your experiences. :slight_smile:



80 at the end of the month, @LRPS. Anyone else close?


I’m betting ‘No’, Michael - we’re it. :smiley: :smiley:

I have 19 more years to get into the group but then you will have moved to the 100+ group

I’d really like to hear about the experiences of those 80+. I’m eager to know what’s possible.

At 54, I’m hoping to still be enjoying the bike and finding ways to improve in some way at 80 and hopefully beyond.

So, @LRPS, I’ve nearly reached your giddy heights, age-wise. Been cycling as a hobby / sport for about 10-15 years and a TR user since 2017. Prior to that, I was a busy professional, and only used a bike occasionally, for getting around town / commuting. I did have a series of serious knee surgeries, a consequence of spending my youth playing versions of football.
Current FTP ~ 205 = ~2.75 w/kg.
I train / ride 5 days a week, using a high volume plan. I adjust the plan so that there are three days of intensity + one shorter Z2 ride + one longer Z2 or group ride. This is all in aid of being able to do some of the organised rides / gran fondos that I enjoy, including organised group rides in Europe as well as Australia. In those rides, my goal is not to finish last – and achieving that I interpret as not holding the group back.
I have not yet found age to have caused any deterioration – FTP has been roughly constant for the past couple of years. But I guess that age is a major reason why I am only holding steady rather than improving.

What’s your experience been?

Minimum Effective Dose is often mentioned on the podcast. There’s also Maximum Recoverable Dose, which I don’t remember hearing. Basically the amount of training/riding that you can recover from. So long as MED is greater than MRD you will either improve or maintain fitness/strength.

Unfortunately MRD declines with age so at some point the two values touch then MRD becomes greater than MED. From then on you are on that long slide.

Even at the tender age of 62 my recovery is nowhere near what it was just ten years ago.

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Apologies if any money was involved in the bet, @LRPS. Turned 80 in April. TR user for 5 years, and enjoying riding more than ever, though not faster.

Seeing these recent posts reminds me to get cracking on my intention to enumerate some things TR and the forum have done for me besides helping me get slower slower.


Hi, 61 here and with TR since November 2017. TR improved my cycling performance, and it helps to get the best out of your actual potential capacities (which are for sure less than 20 - 30 years ago).
Have been an avid cyclist for almost 50 years however with also inactive periods of several years, mainly due to work abroad. Picking up cycling always resulted in spectacular weight loss (15 - 20 kg), increased fitness and overall well-being.
Due to a trainer breakdown I was recently 4 weeks without TR but continued my outdoor weekend rides. Lacking TR impacted on my fitness, not catastrophically but notably. A new trainer (Saris H3) finally arrived last week and will give me for sure a reality check, since I lived for more than 3 years on the Tacx Vortex Smart cloud which notoriously overestimates. Curious what will be result of both effects: (1) more accurate trainer and (2) a bit of fitness loss… (BTW my Tacx Vortex FTP was 276 Watt). Cheers!!

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