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Really interesting topic as I turn 69 in May. Took up cycling in 2019 when my hips were so bad, I could barely walk a block, but cycling was painless.

Since then I’ve had both hips replaced with the last one done in Nov 21. So the past year has basically been the first full year with two good hips.

I’m 5’11, weigh 183lbs and my watts per kilogram are currently 2.7. In 2022 I did over 10,000km and ride an average of 4-5 times a week in the summer. My goal is to get to 3.0 watts per kg.

Not sure if that is feasible? But started the TR 12 week, 10 hrs per week program a week ago based on the ramp test FTP of 225.

Program has me on the bike six days a week with one day off - and I do weight training on the off day, mostly upper body and core.

Have done training on Zwift and Wahoo in the past, but thought I would give TR a try this year to see if it would get me to my goal. Have had an FTP as high as 236, but I figure there is a lot of variability depending on the day and the platform used for the test.

Must admit that the 4DP test on Wahoo is an absolute killer.

Big believer in the importance of sleep. Fortunately I get 8-9 hrs a night. Also a big believer in hydration, on and off the bike, as I can suffer from really painful muscle cramps.

Like many others, I question if the training programs take your age into account? Six days a week is a lot, think five might be better, but who knows. My history in sports is that I never quit. Bad philosophy at my age but hard to change.


I am 73. In the past I have tried the high volume plans and they just killed me. As you age you need more time for recovery. So, I now use the low volume plans and add one endurance ride, so that I have four days a week of cycling. Then I do two days a week of strength training and yoga for stretching. This has helped to keep me motivated.


Age 63, using TR for five years now. Always did mid volume in the past and ride 4-5 thousand miles a year. Tried Polarized training but the Threshold plus days kill me. Back to low volume 3 days a week. Using Dialed Health for weight training. 2-3 days a week. His idea is that weight training should leave you feeling positive rather than drained. Goals this year are RAGBRIA and some 200-300K Randonneur events. Hope to ride a long time yet.


You will only know if you try.
Can’t hurt. The older I get the more impossible stuff I try.
Best of luck.

You can totally do this! You’ve got it. Seriously. The trick is going to be not burning out.

I am 18 months shy of being 50, but I struggle with recovery … so take my 2c for what it is.

If you’re doing 10 hours a week, I would make sure 8 of those hours are Z2.

Also, consider 2 days a week off. You need to shed fatigue. I take Monday’s and Friday’s off the bike. Make another session longer.

Good luck🤘

@Braking_Bad We’re about the same age, size and weight. with very similar goals. This is my 3rd season on TR. I finally listened to all our favorite podcasters, and my main riding buddy, and have switched to Low Volume for most of my training. I still ride 5-6 days a week, but often use the “non-structured” days to do a “Trainnow” workout, or something that sort of matches my riding plans with a group, or targets a specific progression, perhaps using a Zwift Pace Partner. Using Low Volume has really taken the pressure off of my week, and I’m adding in more core work, and mobility work. And, given that I’m still riding 5+ days a week I don’t feel at all that I’m slacking – and I’m seeing good progress. Well, except fo those unexpected medical pauses that seem a regular part of this age – but you obviously know about that. (BTW, if you use Plan Builder to build a full season plan, when a medical event does come along, you can add it the plan, and Plan Builder rebuilds everything to account for as much time as you put in for recovery.) I got a little carried away here, but all these approaches have really increased my enjoyment of TR, and the benefits I get from it. FINALLY, if you’re on Strava, join the Strava Trainerroad 60+ club!

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I just turned 60. I’m a recreational rider trying to increase my endurance for long ride events.

I’ve cooked myself a couple of times with low volume SSB in the past. I’ve switched to LV polarized + 1-2 extra endurance workouts + a couple of rowing sessions. This is working much better for me. I enjoy the interval days and the 2 hour endurance days. I still get the recovery I need.

I’m in the middle of a 2nd polarized base training plan. As has been suggested by others, I’m going to do a polarized build plan and then likely try the lv century plan.


Some good advice posted above. I’ll add the following:

High volume sweet spot base? Poor choice. Read this:

‘volume’ in TR world can be confusing. Like I said, some good advice posted above.

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Your FTP and w/kg are similar to mine. I am 71 and both knees and hips are originals. You are just killing it!